Hospital Care

Some of the psychologists at The Arroyos® Psychological Associates (TAPA) are on the Professional Staff at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California.Huntington Hospital is a Nationally Ranked Hospital and ranked the 8th best hospital in California.  We have comprehensive co-admitting and co-attending privileges to emergency room, psychiatric, chemical dependency, and general medical sections of the hospital.  This means that we can select the treating physician of our choice when we co-admit a patient to the hospital.  TAPA psychologists direct the psychological treatment of our patients in the hospital, directly provide and manage psychological services, manage discharge plans to lower levels of care, and consult closely with the patient’s primary physician and other medical experts in the hospital.  TAPA psychologists provide LPS conservatorship services and 5150 (involuntary hold) services in the hospital as well.  TAPA psychologists only provide hospital services to patients within our own practice at the present time.

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