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We are doctor-owned and operated.

The Arroyos Treatment Centers, and our companion professional psychological corporation, The Arroyos Psychological Associates, are founded, owned, and operated by one the psychologists on our own Clinical Staff.  As a result, the highest professional and clinical standards constantly influence all aspects of our corporate philosophy, culture of care, program development, and approach to patient care.

We are expert professionals specializing in the treatment of primary mental health and substance use disorders.

The Arroyos exclusively employs doctoral level clinicians and clinical administrators with extensive primary expertise in the clinical psychological or psychiatric treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders), and all types of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

Our programs and services follow accepted standards of evidence-based practice.

Evidence-based practice is a continuous process of integrating the findings from superior clinical research with excellence in clinical expertise as applied to each patient’s unique personality, preferences, culture, strengths, and sociocultural context. As an evidence-based practice, we engage in continuous training and development of our own Professional, Administrative, and Direct Care Staff. We also present continuing education (CE) programs as an approved continuing education sponsor for psychologists by the American Psychological Association (APA). We also offer classes to the general public on topics related to our core areas of expertise.

We use an abstinence-based Non-12 Step model for all of our drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Clinical research on drug and alcohol abuse and addiction shows that psychotherapy-based treatment approaches are effective in helping successfully-treated patients become abstinent and preventing relapse extended periods of time. As most patients in our Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, our experience has been that providing these patients with targeted individual, group, and family psychotherapy to treat both their mental disorders and substance use disorders is particularly effective.

Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan.

Each patient works with their doctor to design and update a unique, personalized treatment plan. Some patients come to The Arroyos for a few sessions of individual therapy for support with a specific life issue, while other patients may have many concerns that require a more extensive personalized treatment plan involving psychotherapy, medications, and attending one of our treatment programs. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you figure out the right plan for you.

We keep our programs small in size so that there is time and attention for each patient.

The Arroyos is dedicated to keeping our programs small in size in order to make sure that every patient has the opportunity to work on their problems and concerns. We limit our group psychotherapy sessions to no more than eight to ten standing patients in size. Each patient in our IOP and PHP programs meets with an individual case manager regularly to review and update their treatment plan.

We are a State of California Certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility.

The Arroyos Outpatient Treatment Center is a State Certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility (Certification Number 190870AP).  Our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Partial Hospitalization Program are part of our certified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility.

Our Clinical Staff stays with our patients across the spectrum of treatment settings for maximum continuity of care.

The Arroyos provides treatment across a variety of levels of care and treatment settings ranging from outpatient services in our offices to admitting and treating our patients in inpatient psychiatric and drug detox hospitals. Instead of changing treatment teams when moving from one level of care to another, our patients stay with the same group of professionals wherever they go.

We work closely with attorneys and provide psycholegal services.

We routinely work with many types of attorneys (criminal, civil, immigration, entertainment, family) to help our patients address the interface between their psychological and psychiatric problems and the law. We have a forensic psychiatrist and a forensic clinical psychologist on our Professional Staff who are available for psycholegal consultations. Our psycholegal services include Mental Health Alternative Sentencing (treatment rather than incarceration), forensic psychological testing, risk assessments, expert witness testimony, court appearances at sentencing, and comprehensive ongoing progress reports to the court and probation officers.

We collaborate with physicians and therapists when they are treating patients under our care as part of a comprehensive, integrated treatment plan.

We routinely work with many types of physicians (primary care and specialists such as cardiology, hepatology, nephrology, neurology, surgery, chronic pain) to address the interface between their psychological, psychiatric, and addiction problems and their medical problems. We also work with many therapist colleagues in the community (psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers) to provide more intensive treatment for their outpatients, or to coordinate extended psychiatric or specialized psychological care with their ongoing care of their own patient.

We provide specialized care management for severe mental illness including crisis evaluations, evaluations for involuntary holds (5150), psychiatric hospitalization and treatment, and LPS conservatorships for chronically gravely disabled patients.

The Arroyos takes great pride in our ability to offer our patients with severe mental illness specialized psychiatric outpatient services. Given prior approval by the Clinical Director, our doctors may conduct crisis evaluations in our offices, and evaluations for involuntary holds (5150 holds) in our offices or at the patient’s or family’s place of residence. We also offer a Family LPS Certification Orientation Program for family members who have a chronically mentally relative who may be a candidate for an LPS conservatorship.

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