Bipolar Residential Treatment Center

Our fully licensed and certified adult (18-59) Mental Health Residential Treatment Center (MHRTC) provides 24-hour a day live-in care, supervision, and treatment of clients who have a primary psychiatric diagnosis such as bipolar disorder, major depression, a severe anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder or, a severe psychotic disorder.

All clients who admit to the MHRTC have a primary psychiatric disorder. Many but not all of our patients have secondary drug and alcohol problems that we address within our non-12 step abstinence-based psychotherapy treatment model as part of their overall comprehensive treatment and relapse prevention plan.

Our RTC provides a therapeutic environment in a warm, beautiful home-like setting where you can:

  • Develop independent living skills in many areas of daily life functioning.
  • Develop interpersonal skills to help you transition to more independent living.
  • Minimize the risk of hospitalization.

Our RTC is a beautiful, professionally decorated and furnished six-bed coed residential house located in a lovely, quiet neighborhood in Pasadena. The facility and program are operated and managed by The Arroyos Administrative Staff, and all mental health treatment is provided on site by The Arroyos Clinical Staff. To find out more information about our certified Mental Health Residential Treatment Center, please explore the information below and click the Photo Gallery button above.

The Arroyos Residential Treatment Center offers specialized residential treatment for bipolar disorder including an evidence-based program for bipolar disorder. We are licensed by the State of California as a primary mental health treatment facility, not a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Our inpatient bipolar treatment includes:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Bipolar-specific Individual psychotherapy
  • Bipolar-specific family therapy
  • Mental health focused group therapy
  • IPSRT (evidence-based bipolar treatment)
  • CBT for bipolar disorder
  • Psychoeducation about bipolar disorder
  • Circadian rhythm therapy

Our Life Skills program identifies skills deficits that need improvement prior to discharge to a setting that requires the patient to have more personal independent living skills. Some topics covered include: 

  • Financial life skills
  • Transportation life skills
  • Vocational/educational life skills
  • Independent living life skills
  • Personal appearance/self-care life skills
  • Meal preparation/shopping life skills
  • Leisure activity planning life skills
  • Medication and health life skills

Our bipolar treatment program incorporates an abstinence-based CBT/REBT psychological approach for those patients who also have a substance use disorder. We find that standard 12-step treatment is not optimal for most bipolar patients.

If you are searching for a top bipolar treatment center, we encourage you to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer. We are here to help you and your loved one.

  • To read more about our residential bipolar program, click here.
  • To speak to an intake coordinator, call (877) 884-8272, ext. 100.

The RTC is ideal for adult male and female patients who would benefit from living in a 24-hour a day staff-supervised licensed treatment primary mental facility with on-site treatment. The RTC is right for you if your psychiatric symptoms are serious and disabling enough that outpatient treatment is not effective and you require treatment and management in a residential setting. To admit to the RTC you must have a primary mental health diagnosis such as bipolar disorder, depression, a serious anxiety or OCD disorder, or a psychotic disorder. If you have a secondary chemical dependency problem we can treat this condition as well. Our non-12 step abstinence-based program is designed to address substance use disorders with evidence-based cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and other effective treatment methods. Our facility is drug and alcohol free for all clients regardless of whether or not you have a secondary substance abuse diagnosis.

The primary goal of our program is to help you move toward more independent living. We understand that each client progresses at his or her own pace. You may stay at the facility from one month to one year. The average length of stay is approximately 3 months. On occasion a client may be allowed to stay past 12 months for therapeutic reasons while preparing discharges plans.

There are some admission limitations based on various factors, for example physical health and medical care and supervision needs. For more information, please contact our Intake Team.

The mission of our RTC program is to create a comfortable, stable, supportive home-like therapeutic environment in which we support you as you acquire and apply skills of independent living and cope with an active episode of a serious mental disorder. We believe that the living environment at the facility provides you with the ideal opportunity to develop these skills in a naturalistic setting with staff support. Our staff actively participate with you and other clients in the day-to-day routines of managing the house so that you can develop the confidence to take on these responsibilities once you discharge to independent living.

Components of the structured program of services include the following:

  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Individual and Family Psychotherapy
  • Psychological Testing including Vocational Testing
  • Activity Program including structured groups, participatory activities, and group outings
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychiatric Medication Management

To the degree that you are able, staff will actively engage you and other clients in planning meals for the upcoming week, going shopping together, preparing meals together, serving meals family-style, and after-dinner clean-up. Recipes are delicious yet not too difficult to prepare. You can save favorite recipes prepared while you stay with us so that you have the skills to prepare your own meals when you discharge to independent living.

You may have approved visitors and make and receive phone calls during scheduled times on a daily basis. You may bring computers, electronic devices, and cell phones which may be accessed as determined by program rules. Smoking is allowed during scheduled times in an outdoor area.
Due to the severity of symptoms that patients have at the RTC, we do not allow individual or family passes. We do take frequent group passes from the facility supervised by a staff member.

You will receive over 20 hours a week of group, individual, and (optional) family therapy with members of our Clinical Staff. You will receive an additional individual visit from our staff psychiatrist each week for medication management.

Our Group Program is run by The Arroyos Clinical Staff. Our therapy groups are held 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. Groups focus on topics such as improving interpersonal skills, psychoeducation regarding symptom management, development of independent life skills, and cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses maladaptive thoughts and behaviors including drug and alcohol abuse. The group curriculum is designed to seamlessly integrate with our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in the event that you decide to continue your treatment with us when you discharge.

You will receive either one session of Individual Therapy and one session of Family Therapy each week, or two sessions of individual therapy.
Psychological Testing is administered to you upon admission and again at discharge. In addition, you will receive Vocational Testing at admission to assist you with vocational or educational planning.

You and your case manager develop a personalized treatment plan that is updated regularly. The treatment plan identifies specific treatment goals and objectives for you and our staff to address, as well as discharge criteria and planning.

In addition to the Therapy Program, you have the opportunity to participate in an extensive daily Activity Program. The Activity Program involves structured group interactions focused on:

  • Group physical exercises led by a certified personal trainer.
  • Games, sports, and individual exercise equipment.
  • Life Skills activities such as budgeting, cooking, meal planning, personal hygiene, laundry, vocational activities, time management, and more.
  • Structured group outings from the facility to local museums, sporting events, points of interest, restaurants, shopping, and other community events.

You are encouraged to participate in the planning, preparation, conduct, and clean-up of the various activities. Participation in the daily activities of the program will help you prepare to successfully transition to independent living when you discharge.

Our RTC is a beautiful fully-furnished 5 bedroom home in a charming historic neighborhood of Pasadena. The house has an open floor plan with a spacious family room with a large flat-screen television, dining area, and kitchen that open to the back yard. There is a separate video/game room and a dedicated movie/television room that is used for group therapy during the daytime. The house has a laundry room with a washer, dryer, and folding area, as well as an ironing board. The facility is drug and alcohol free for all clients.

There are 2 semi-private rooms and 2 private rooms; all towels and linens are supplied by the facility. Each resident shares a bathroom with one other resident and there are two additional bathrooms in the common areas.

The back yard has an outdoor grill, patio table and chairs, sectional seating area, and ping pong table. There is a natural grass area used for morning exercise with an instructor. Smoking is allowed in a dedicated smoking area during scheduled breaks but is not allowed anywhere else in the facility.
To see pictures of the facility, please click the Photo Gallery section above.

The Program Calendar involves scheduled events throughout the day and evening 7 days a week.

For a PDF copy of the group schedule, click here

While The Arroyos Treatment Centers is an out-of-network provider, we do work with many insurance companies who offer out-of-network benefits for programs such as our MHRTC. If you are interested in finding out about using your insurance for our MHRTC, please call for an appointment or contact us via email. We can contact your insurance company to see what type of coverage and benefits you have for our MHRTC. We do not accept Medicare/Medical.

We strongly support an abstinence model for the treatment of substance use disorders. We require a commitment to abstinence for any client admitting to our program regardless of whether or not they have a substance use disorder diagnosis. We strongly believe that clients recovering from a serious and disabling episode of a severe mental health condition should not be using mind-altering substances.

We conduct drug and alcohol testing routinely on all of our clients regardless of their diagnostic status. As health care professionals, we view the treatment of substance use disorders similarly to that of any other mental disorder. As such, our chemical dependency program is not 12-step based. Instead, our evidence-based program incorporates cognitive behavior therapy, rational-emotive behavior therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy in our group programs. We also include psychoeducation, psychotherapy, and new advances in psychopharmacology. We strongly encourage our patients to participate in community abstinence-based support networks upon discharge from the facility and provide information about a range of programs, but we do not endorse any specific program.

When you admit to the MHRTC you will be staying a minimum of 30 days or longer, so you should bring an amount of clothing consistent with your anticipated length of stay. You will have a dedicated closet and chest of drawers and a desk to store your personal possessions as well as a locked shelf for valuables. Be careful not to over-pack as you have access to a washer and dryer and you will be doing your laundry routinely while you are here.

You may bring the following items with you:

  • Cell phone.
  • Personal laptop.
  • Tablet or similar electronic device.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Prescribed medications.
  • Personal care products (alcohol free).
  • Over-the-counter medications (must be approved by our doctors).
  • We recommend $50 to $100 per week for personal use.

You may not bring the following items into the facility at any time:

  • Alcohol or drugs of any type (illegal or legal).
  • “Medical Marijuana” Card.
  • Any products with alcohol or drugs (mouthwash, over-the-counter medications).
  • Firearms, weapons, or ammunition of any kind.
  • Drug paraphernalia.
  • Large amounts of money or valuable items such as expensive jewelry.
  • Other prohibited items as outlined in the Admissions Agreement.

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