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We value and nurture our relationships with colleagues such as yourself in the healthcare and legal professions. An integral aspect of The Arroyos Model is our extended network of mental health, physician, addiction industry, legal, and allied professional partnerships. We work with professionals from across the country and throughout the world. We believe that we make the most effective referrals for professional services to colleagues with whom we have an established relationship. We hope that you feel the same if you are considering making a referral of your client or patient to us.

In that regard we invite you to reach out to us and let us know who you are, what you specialize in, and where you are located. Please click here to complete a brief interactive form that tells us more about you so that we may contact you and establish a relationship with you. We maintain a international database of referents that we rely upon when we need to make referrals for mental health, medical, and legal services.

How To Contact Us with a Referral

If you would like to talk with us about a possible referral, please feel free to reach out using any of the tools on the right side of your screen. If you call us at (877) 884-8272, please let the Intake Coordinator know that you are calling about a prospective patient. You can also request that our Clinical Director, Dr. Keith Valone, give you a call back to discuss your referral. If you use the Contact Us form, please be sure to enter the word “Referral” in the Subject line so that our staff knows that you are contacting us about a prospective patient.

Ongoing Communication

If you do make a referral to us and the patient contacts us, we will make every effort to communicate with you once we have permission from your client or patient to do so. If we do admit the patient into our practice, we will maintain contact with you and your patient wish and as guided by the patient’s treatment plan.

We will also clarify with you what your expectations are with regard to your continued relationship with your patient or client so that we are all in agreement about the treatment plan. If you have been treating the patient you may intend to transfer care and terminate your relationship with the patient once we accept the patient into our care. At other times, you may want to continue to provide some services (such as legal services, medical services, or specific mental health services) while the patient receives other services here. The services we provide may be time-limited in nature in which case we will eventually terminate our care and transfer overall care back to you, or our services may be open-ended in which case we may all agree that it makes sense to collaborate together in an ongoing fashion.

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