Outpatient Treatment Program

Our Outpatient Treatment Program offers a wide range of customizable services so that you can get comprehensive treatment for your mood disorder, anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder, and/or substance use disorder. The beauty of our Outpatient Program is that you can simply select a single service if you like, or we can help you with a package of services tailored just for you to meet your specific needs. You can also add or subtract services over time as your needs change. We help you focus on receiving the care you deserve from a team of expert professionals so that you can live life well.

Our Outpatient Treatment Program is organized into five services, each described under a different tab below. We provide services for adults and adolescents age 13 and older.

Psychological ServicesCompressed
You can see our doctoral-level therapists for individual therapy, couples therapy, and/or family therapy. As an evidence-based practice, we match you with the therapist whose skills, training, and background best fits the problems that you are wanting help with. We also want you to feel comfortable choosing the therapist that feels right for you. We offer a wide range of well-respected treatments to help you achieve your treatment goals. Your therapist will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific symptoms, diagnosis, and personal goals.

You can talk with one of our supportive psychiatrists about your symptoms, conditions, and diagnosis to see if medications may be helpful to you. You can come to The Arroyos just to see a psychiatrist if you like. We can also with you to create a team with your psychiatrist and therapist working together to help you live life well. Our psychiatrists are experts in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders. Whether you need help with a single medication or your medication needs are more complex, our psychiatrists are here to help.

Assessment ServicesCompressed
Our Assessment Services provide a variety of adult and adolescent assessment, psychological testing, and forensic psychological evaluation services including:

• Personality Testing
• Intelligence Testing
• Mental Health Testing
• ADHD Assessment
• Psycholegal Evaluations
• Alternative Sentencing
• Psychodiagnostic Evaluations
• Career Testing
• Bariatric Screening
• Police Fitness for Duty
• Threat/Risk Assessment
• LPS Conservatorships


If you or a loved one is in acute emotional distress, our clinical team is here to help. In most cases we are able to provide an evaluation to determine the appropriate level of care for treatment within a day or two of your call. If appropriate, we can arrange admission to our Intensive Outpatient Program, Partial Hospitalization Program, Transitional Living Center, or admission to hospital by our own professional staff. We are even qualified to write 5150 (involuntary) holds if necessary.

If you or your loved one is experiencing an immediate crisis or an emergency, it is essential that you call 911 and ask for emergency care. We are unable to provide crisis or emergency services. Once your immediate emergency or crisis is resolved, please contact us so that we can continue to coordinate your care with us.

Hospital ServicesCompressed


Our professional staff are on staff at two local hospitals. We are able to admit and treat you or your loved one and then coordinate your care with our Outpatient Treatment Center to provide seamless continuity of care. We are usually able to get an open bed to admit you to the appropriate unit at the hospital. In the rare instance that no bed is available, we work with local hospitals to coordinate care with the The Arroyos when your hospital stay is complete.

We are able to admit to the following inpatient hospital units:

• Adult inpatient unit
• Adolescent inpatient unit
• Inpatient drug and alcohol detox unit
• Adult psychiatric acute care unit
• Medical/surgical hospital emergency room
• Adult eating disorders unit

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