Bipolar Residential Treatment Center Program

The Arroyos Residential Treatment Center is a licensed primary mental health care facility with 24/7 staff including a psychiatrist and over 20 hours of psychotherapy with doctoral level therapists per week. We offer specialized residential treatment for bipolar disorder including an evidence-based program for bipolar disorder. We are licensed by the State of California as a primary mental health treatment facility, not a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Our inpatient bipolar treatment includes:

Psychiatric medication management

Bipolar-specific individual psychotherapy

Bipolar-specific family therapy

Mental health focused group therapy

IPSRT (evidence-based bipolar treatment)

CBT for bipolar disorder

Psychoeducation about bipolar disorder

Circadian rhythm therapy

Our Life Skills program identifies skills deficits that need improvement prior to discharge to a setting that requires the patient to have more personal independent living skills. Some topics covered include:

Financial life skills

Transportation life skills

Vocational/educational life skills

Independent living life skills

Personal appearance/self-care life skills

Meal preparation/shopping life skills

Leisure activity planning life skills

Medication and health life skills

Our bipolar treatment program incorporates an abstinence-based CBT/REBT psychological approach for those patients who also have a substance use disorder. We find that standard 12-step treatment is not optimal for most bipolar patients.

If you are searching for a top bipolar treatment center, we encourage you to learn more about our residential bipolar program or other treatments and services that we offer. We are here to help you and your loved one.

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If you think that an RTC solution is not for you, we also offer individual therapy and/or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that might be a better fit for you. Get in touch with us and let us guide you in the right path to your recovery.

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