Bipolar Residential Treatment Center

The Arroyos Residential Treatment Center is a licensed primary mental health care facility with 24/7 staff including a psychiatrist and over 20 hours of psychotherapy with doctoral level therapists per week. We offer specialized residential treatment for bipolar disorder including an evidence-based program for bipolar disorder. We are licensed by the State of California as a primary mental health treatment facility, not a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Our inpatient bipolar treatment includes:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Bipolar-specific Individual psychotherapy
  • Bipolar-specific family therapy
  • Mental health focused group therapy
  • IPSRT (evidence-based bipolar treatment)
  • CBT for bipolar disorder
  • Psychoeducation about bipolar disorder
  • Circadian rhythm therapy

Our Life Skills program identifies skills deficits that need improvement prior to discharge to a setting that requires the patient to have more personal independent living skills. Some topics covered include:

  • Financial life skills
  • Transportation life skills
  • Vocational/educational life skills
  • Independent living life skills
  • Personal appearance/self-care life skills
  • Meal preparation/shopping life skills
  • Leisure activity planning life skills
  • Medication and health life skills

Our bipolar treatment program incorporates an abstinence-based CBT/REBT psychological approach for those patients who also have a substance use disorder. We find that standard 12-step treatment is not optimal for most bipolar patients.

If you are searching for a top bipolar treatment center, we encourage you to learn more about the treatments and services that we offer. We are here to help you and your loved one.

  • To read more about our residential bipolar program, click here.
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