Transitional Living Center

Our Transitional Living Center (TLC) is designed to provide semi-independent living for residents who have a primary mental health diagnosis and who may or may not have a co-occurring substance use disorder. The TLC is designed to help you acquire independent living skills within a structured living environment in order to:

  • Learn to effectively schedule and complete daily activities while living in a structured environment.
  • Learn to manage prescriptions, medications, and doctors’ appointments with help from our staff.
  • Work toward a goal of getting a part-time job, enrolling in school, or engaging in meaningful volunteer activities when not in treatment or sober activities.

The TLC is a fully-furnished co-ed sober residence in the greater Pasadena community with a live-in House Manager who provides support and structure. Cable television and weekly housekeeping is provided. Residents share a semi-private room with another resident of the same gender. There is no treatment provided on-site at the TLC. To find out more information about our Transitional Living Center, please explore the information below:

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The TLC is ideal for residents with a psychiatric diagnosis who want to become more independent while currently benefitting from a sober structured living environment. Residents must be stable enough to leave the house during the day to attend a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (PHP), work, school, or a volunteer position.

The TLC is a sober residence and all residents must agree to remain drug and alcohol free for the duration of their stay regardless of whether they have substance abuse problem. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only.

Residents are allowed to have their own computers and cells phones within the limits of house rules for the use of these devices. Residents must provide their own internet and telephone service.

The House Manager enforces a daily schedule in which residents are expected to get up, shower, prepare breakfast, and leave the house at set times. The house is closed from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays so that residents can pursue outside activities. Residents prepare dinner as a group with the Resident Manager and are responsible for rotating house maintenance chores with a goal of acquiring the essential skills to live independently.

Residents are provided with a personal locked area, also supervised by staff, in which to store their medications and other valuables. The House Manager works with each resident to make sure that they are self-administering their medications properly and helps the patient review how they will refill their prescriptions, make doctors’ appointments, and arrange transportation to get to doctors’ appointments.

The Resident Manager assigns weekly chores to all residents in order to maintain the household in a neat and orderly manner. Residents learn the satisfaction of maintaining a pleasant living environment and also acquire the skills to live independently so that when they move out of the TLC they are capable of doing all of their own chores to maintain their own independent living space.

Residents are responsible for their own transportation. The Resident Manager is available to help residents learn how to use public transportation.

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